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Present at the last meeting on Saturday, January 17th at Jill Littlewood's house were: Jill Littlewood, Pam Maines, Sara Norquay, Judy Nilsen, Angela Moll, Mary Freericks, and Ines Monguio.

We decided that we would not try to meet at a regular monthly meeting any more but that anyone who wanted to host a meeting should announce it online. Sara Norquay and Judy Nilsen both promised to host at least one meeting each sometime this spring or early summer. Watch for announcements. Although many of our members were not at the meeting it was felt that anyone could step up and organize a meeting.

The website will now be updated by Sara Norquay and Lisa Moore. Anything that you want posted on the website should be send to either of them.


The "BOOK * PAPER * LETTERS" exhibition was held last May 24 - 26 at Jill Littlewood's studio and gallery. There were letterpress demos and book demos plus tables of booksellers besides the fantastic show of artists' books in the gallery. Here are some of the books that were exhibited:

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