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Here are some of our favorite books.

"Paper: Making, Decorating & Designing" by Berta Thackeray
"Collage Techniques" by Gerald Brommer, Watson Guptill - Various ideas and techniques.
"Sculpture in Paper" by Nicholas Roukes, Davis Publications - Excellent craftsmanship.
"In Harmony with Nature - Painting the Spirit of Nature" by Maxine Masterfield, Watson Guptill. Various painterly techniques that apply to all arts.
"Decorative Paper" by Diane Maurer-Mathison, BBD Illustrated Books. Techniques of surface design.
"Making Journals by Hand" by Jason Thompson - Rockport Publishers Inc. -
"Bookworks" by Sue Doggett - Watson-Guptill Publications.
"Color on Paper and Fabric" by Ruth Issett, Hand Book Press, Madison, WI. Lots of interesting techniques and ideas.
"Handmade Books and Cards" by Jean G. Kropper - Davis Publications, Worcester, MA. Some interesting formats.
"Creating Handmade Books" by Alisa Golden. New York; Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 1998.
"The Paper Card Book" by Lisa Kerr. Ohio; Quarry Books, distributed by North Light Books, Cincinnati, 1997
"The Decorated Page" Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful, by Gwen Diehn
"Collage for the Soul" Expressing Hopes and Dreams Through Art, by Holly Harrison and Paula Grasdal
"The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques" by Judy Martin: Sterling Publishers
"Ways of Seeing" by John Berger: Pelican Books
"The Business of Being an Artist" by Daniel Grant: Allworth Press
"Making Books and Journals" by Constance E. Richards. North Carolina; Lark Books, 1995
"Books, Boxes and Portfolios" by Franz Zeier. New York; Design Press, 1983
" Making Memory Boxes" by Barbara Mauriello (1-56496-711-5), Rockport Publishers
"The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books" by Renee Hubert and Judd D. Hubert, Granary Books, NY
"The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books" by Gabrielle Fox (1-58180-019-3), North Light Books
"Cover to Cover" by Shereen LaPlantz - Lark Books, Some how-to and some exhibitions of fascinating book forms.
"Collage Techniques" by Gerald Brommer, Watson Guptill - Various ideas and techniques
"Pages" by Laurie Fry Kenzle - Kraus Books How-to and ideas for artists' books.
"Color on Paper and Fabric" by Ruth Issett, Hand Book Press, Madison, WI - lots of interesting techniques and ideas.
"Non-Adhesive Bindings" by Keith A. Smith
" Bookbinding for Book Artists" by Keith A. Smith and Fred A. Jordan
"Structure of the Visual Book" by Keith A. Smith
"Japanese Bookbinding" by Kojiro Ikegami
"The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst
"The Design of Books" by Adrian Wilson
"Methods of Book Design" by Hugh Williamson
"The Artists' Handbook for Photographing Their Own Artwork" by John White


Flax Art & Design - Gifts, Collage and Paper Catalog.
Califia is Califia's on-line catalog with links to many of the presses whose books they sell as well as detailed descriptions of the handmade books, some with color illustrations.
San Francisco Center for the Book is the site for and their extensive list of classes and exhibits
Pacific Center for Book Arts in San is the new website for Pacific Ctr. for Book Arts in SF, which includes calls for entry, events and exhibits.
Book Central 1171 San Ramon Valley Road, Danville, CA 94526, (925) 831-0878, How-to books

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